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The Becoming

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The fast march of science long ago relegated the Genesis story to what it once was, a Bronze Age myth. But the triumph of science stole something deeper than archaic meaning: it robbed us of wonder and of that sweep of majestic vision represented in Genesis. If Genesis chapter one – the Creation story – were written again today what would it say? How would a modern account present the still-unfolding tale of cosmic change and of life’s evolution on our planet? Science writer Robert Fripp brings the Creation story up to date in this text, which contains 62 verses written in the style of the King James Bible. Each verse or group of verses is followed by an essay in modern English. Ancient cultures made little distinction among medicine, law, religion, myth and philosophy: they overlapped in a tightly-woven web of cosmic order. But Robert Fripp believes that the modern world has conceded science the right to ride roughshod over other ways of looking at things. In this book he takes an integrated approach to unfolding creation, welcoming religious thought and philosophy as partners with science at the discussion table.

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