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Quantum computing: IBM lets anyone play

By  | Wired | Business | 05.04.2016

” Quantum computing is computing at its most esoteric. It’s an experimental, enormously complex, sometimes downright confusing technology that’s typically the domain of hardcore academics and organizations like Google and NASA. But that might be changing.

IBM makes quantum computing available for free via the cloud

5-qubit quantum computing circuitry

IBM’s 5-qubit quantum computing circuitry. Photo, IBM

” Today, IBM unveiled an online service that lets anyone use the five-qubit quantum computer its researchers have erected at a research lab in Yorktown Heights, New York. You can access the machine over the Internet via a simple software interface—or at least it’s simple if you understand the basics of quantum computing. This new service is hardly something the everyday consumer will use, but it’s a big deal for the many researchers now working to build a practical quantum computer—a computer that moves beyond just “1”s and “0”s to become exponentially more powerful than … ” [Read more]

A brief word from Justin Trudeau …

Justin Trudeau gives an impromptu explanation of quantum computing

Justin Trudeau describes quantum computing, standing in front, coincidentally, of a suitably inscribed prop. Photo courtesy of Global News, Toronto.

… on the topic of quantum physics. On April 15, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a more concise definition of quantum computing during a news conference. He was at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, to announce a budget of $50 million for the Institute and its research. Then, in response to a question,  the session shifted as he gave a reporter a short summary of quantum physics.