Old Bio

I write for clients in business, the sciences and technological industries. I also work as a television and visual media producer and a communications consultant. Here’s background.

LEFT BRAIN: Corporate clients ask me to write marketing communication features, white papers and copy about healthcare, leading edge technologies and engineering. I created and managed a full-color magazine about high performance computing: “IBM Visions”, which ran for five years. Nuclear engineers asked me to write the Proceedings for an international conference on experimental nuclear fusion (i.e. Tokamak reactors). Whether the topic is anti-matter, landing a computer on Mars or forecasting roles for information technology in healthcare, my copy spells ROI for my client, and satisfaction for me. (Ask for samples or a resume.)

RIGHT BRAIN: Singing Latin plainsong in the choir of Salisbury Cathedral for five years has helped me write stories, books, i.e. “Power of a Woman,” and essays that delve into science and spirituality, discovering intertwined themes. “Let There Be Life” is such a book: its story-like essays explain our cosmic and organic origins in ways that describe the science while respecting the spirit. Writing a play in the English of Shakespeare’s day is a right brain function. Crafting the text of “Dark Sovereign” may be the only achievement of its kind in almost four centuries.

BOTH HALVES TOGETHER: This category might include being the series producer of CBC Television’s flagship current affairs series “the fifth estate” for nine years; and creating Trinity Productions, a company that made English language television documentaries from Japanese originals. “Both halves together” certainly includes creating, writing and managing a trade magazine about high performance computing, and ghost-writing features for technical trade magazines, as well as a novel for a client working in finance.

As a freelance writer I help high tech companies turn costs into profit. I do it by writing clients’ important marketing messages in plain English, in as few words as possible, and I do it very well. Your most valuable sales tool is copy so clear that your prospects sense while they read it that they need what you offer.

Feel free to call me about copywriting, white papers, case studies, ghostwriting, speeches, print versus web—Eleanor of Aquitaine, too, of course—or my other books…

I welcome referrals. Thank you.