Cipe Pineles: An Art Director and her Cookbook


Cipe Pineles's cookbook 'Leave me Alone with the Recipes'

Borsht: one illustration of many in Cipe Pineles’s cookbook, “Leave me Alone with the Recipes.”

Cipe Pineles’ posthumous come-back

Greta Jochem, at NPR, writes a fine tale about a “trail-blazing female designer, Cipe Pineles,” and “a rare find” of Cipe’s work.

Finder’s Keepers

In 2015, graphic journalist and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton found an illustrated manuscript for a cookbook at a rare book sale near San Francisco. She teamed up with writer and  friend Sarah Rich, writer and blogger Maria Popova, and design writer Debbie Millman. The four women pooled their resources to buy the manuscript. Then they added new material and built the original pages into a beautiful book, “Leave Me Alone With the Recipes: The Life, Art & Cookbook of Cipe Pineles.”

Seventy Years in Limbo

Cipe Pineles drew the text and illustrations for her cookbook just months after the U.S. Army sent her home to Brooklyn from Paris, in 1945. (The Army had posted her to Paris to become the art director of a magazine for women in the forces occupying Europe.) Seventy years would pass before Cipe’s manuscript turned up on a bookseller’s table in California.

Cipe Pineles and Her Book: a fuller story

Cipe was among the finest people I have known. She was my mother-in-law—but I have no direct connection with her book. Apart from her skills as a designer and illustrator, she was among the first women to break a glass ceiling and become the art director of major commercial magazines in North America. She was skilled, tough, and wonderfully sociable. For the full story of Cipe and her book, here is Greta Jochem’s full account

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