Memoirs: a life in thin slices


A Life in Thin Slices, a rough work in progress, documents some of life’s events. These are my memoirs as they stand now — as a work in perpetual progress.

A Life in Thin Slices ~

Welcome! Welcome to my memoirs. Writing “A Life in Thin Slices” is my substitute for writing a blog. Commercial writers are “supposed” to develop and maintain a blog according to the accepted wisdom of Internet marketing. Maybe that’s true, but Grief! This old goat is more out of the box than in it.

This will always be a work in progress. It is rough. It may get rougher. I write a paragraph, or a thought at a time, seldom in sequence. As you scroll through, events will pop up in chronological order. However, that is not how they enter my head. Records of Life Past come, pass, and go—ephemera in a kaleidoscope that both revolves and moves on. Eventually, the text will fill in. In that sense this draft is both an experiment and my scrapbook in words. Pictures may follow, but at this point half of our family photos are stored in Dorset, England, and later albums with photos of younger generations are in Toronto.

Carol and I have clearly crossed the Atlantic too often. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, that involved going by ship, on Cunard’s Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the Mauretania. When we left Britain for North America in 1965, Holland America took us in the Maasdam. Those days are long gone. It’s the misery of airports these days.

I invite you to read ‘A Life in Thin Slices’ as it takes shape, here. It will not be published by me, or anyone else. It ain’t “litriture”and it’s not intended to be. However, standard copyright conditions apply. I have turned off “Copy text” and “Copy document” in the PDF document. What you read in the PDF that picks up from this point is likely to fill out, and change …